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Year 2 Medical Student: 01/12/2017

Dear Seema,

I just wanted to email to thank you for your session today at the Royal Free. You are a truly inspiring lady and I cannot thank you enough for today. This morning was so interesting and insightful and I feel that I have learnt so much about disability as a whole but I also feel much more confident being able to discuss it as a topic as well as communicating with visually impaired people. It was very interesting to be able to participate in the role play activity as it really did give me a sense of what it would be like, and it will definitely change the way that I approach interacting with sight impaired people.

Again, thank you so much for today. It was a privilege to meet you and work with you.

Best wishes, and kindest regards,

Dan –  Year 2 Medical Student

HMP Prisoner Reviews

Fascinating feedback from Prisoners – Seema was able to help them see that they have choices to make and have many blessings they should be thankful for.

UK Prisoner Feedback

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