25 April 2019 / in adminadmin / byBlindambition

This new electronic device has further revolutionised my life yet again!! Just when i thought things could not get much better having used the i phone for years Alexa is the answer to some of my prayers! This black cylinder shaped device allows you to play music from spotify. Or from your own music collection. Forget the i pod which still requires you to navigate to select tracks. You just simply say. Alexa play mozart for example or alexa play what does the fox say? In seconds it can search out the right track and play it for you. You can ask it for news flash the weather set times and ask her the time. It is absolutely brilliant for someone who has very limited vision.

Alexa can tell you definitions of words so for me as a blind mother it is better to ask alexa as i cannot look up words in a dictionary in the traditional way. It is a very useful tool its fund and educational and can keep you informed of current affairs .

You can also get it to play books from audible and it finds the place where you last finished off from. It is a wonderful device !

I thoroughly recommend this piece of equipment in all households.. it is a must have!

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