Blind Ambition is a consultancy with a difference. Founded by Seema Flower an inspirational and experienced service industry champion who has inspired many people to achieve their full ambitions through her own example and her coaching and counselling. Seema has been blind since an early age but has not let this stop her building a successful chain of businesses and property portfolio.

Blind Ambition provides Personal and/or Professional Development Training, Motivational Speaking as well as Equality and Inclusion Training.

Definition: Blind Ambition is all about being single minded in pursuit of your goal, not being distracted by the white noise of modern life. When you meet Seema you’ll see that she really does live by this mantra …just keeping up can be exhausting!

Seema is very driven to achieve her goals and in her case, Blind Ambition is also about actually being blind and still driving for your ambitions regardless of your limitations while at the same time being an inspiration to others to help them realise their goals too.

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Wednesday, April 5th, 2017

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Disability Employment TV interview on the Sky TV Pauline Long Show

Sunday, March 26th, 2017

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Monday, March 20th, 2017

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Our Story

Seema is a recognised entrepreneurial visionary who has contributed business insight with previous UK Disabilities Minister Justin Tomlinson, Easy Group’s Richard Shackleton, New Covent Garden Soup’s founder and many more. She champions blind and disabled entrepreneurial business and uses her insight to inspire and train larger businesses on how to better serve disabled clients and stakeholders.

Seema Flower founded the business in 2000 and worked with big brands such as M&S and UCL to improve the experience of blind and partially sighted clients and team members within their organisations.

Seema Flower has 10 years experience of working as an Education Office for the RNIB. 12 years of running her own service based businesses in Central London and 15 years as a Landlord. She bring a wealth of experience and a truly unique insight into the Visual Awareness field. Seema has been registered blind since 12 years old.

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Blind Ambition

Blind Ambitions is all about being single minded and focused to deliver results. It's also about showing that blind people can have ambition and achieve.. ambitionous results.


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